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Latest lead Market News


May 22 The latest Shanghai spot 1# lead price range is RMB 21000-20200/Ton, average price RMB 20150/Ton.
(SMM lead early news) Lun lead breakthrough upwards back to 2400 US dollars
May 22th: Overnight, Lunlead opened at US$2,335/tonne. During the Asian session,
The market was trading lightly. It moved around the daily average and entered European time. As the trade war between China and the United States shook hands, the market panic dissipated. Financial market sentiment was bullish, market bulls entered the market, Lunlead continued to oscillate upwards, near the end of the session, lead accelerated, broke through the $2400 mark, and finally closed at $2415/ton, up $79.5/ton, or 3.4%. The number of hands increased by 1099 to 4576, and the number of positions increased by 167 to 115147. Lead and volume prices rose, breaking the turbulence platform, standing above all the moving averages, and the lead in the day or testing the support of 2400 US dollars. Overnight, Shanghai's lead 1807 contract opened at 19325 yuan / ton, after the initial  short-term shocks, led by a strong lead, bullish lending pulled up, Shanghai lead up to 19,575 yuan / ton pressure fell back to the daily average near, after After long short breaks, the bulls once again went on the ascendant. Shanghai Lead rose again and eventually closed at 19,670 yuan/ton, up 415 yuan/ton, or 2.16%. Overnight prices and prices rose, the volume of sales exceeded the total volume yesterday, the market sentiment is still at the climax of long, 06 contract overnight is breaking through the 20,000 mark in one fell swoop, is expected to rise in inertia or days. The market looks more consistent than the same, and it is necessary to pay attention to the ebb tide after the release of climax emotions.