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Safety and Warning of HUIZHONG battery

Safety and Warning
Please read this manual! It provides very important direction for fix and operation, which can make best capability for the equipment, and elongate the using life.
  •  For your safety, please do not try to dismantle or open the equipment. The equipment does not contain any spare parts for you. The maintain work can only be done by specially trained service persons.
  •  As a result of the batteries’ latent endanger to health and environment, they should be only changed in our authorization service center. If you need to change the battery or maintain the equipment, please call the nearest service center.
  •  Batteries can be reclaimed, if it could not be carefully handled, it will do great harms to environment and heath. Please check local laws and regulations to get the validity handle ways or send the equipment to authorized service center.
  • The replacement of battery can only be done by persons who know well about the danger and the prevention. When changing the battery, please use the same model and type of sealed lead acid battery.
Warning—do not smoke or use fire near batteries

Warning—do not use organic solvent to wash batteries

Warning—dot not put batteries into the fire, or it may bombed

Warning—do not open batteries, it contains electrolyte, which can hurt the skin and eyes.

Warning—there may happen shock or short circuit when replacing the batteries. Please operate with tools with insulated handles.

Please take care of the following marks in using

Warranty: any of the following action will invalidate the warranty: Non-adherence to the operation manual. Repairs carried out with non-approved spare parts. Application of additives to the electrolyte. Unauthorized interference with the battery

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