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OPzS Battery

Brief Intruction of OPzS battery

OPzS is used to refer to a flooded type of tubular-plated, one kind of lead acid battery, deep cycle batteries. These batteries generally have a cell voltage of 2 volts and are connected in series to produce higher voltages.or in parellel to higher capacity

These types of batteries are generally vented and are used in stationary applications like; solar power , wind power and backup energy storage.They contain a liquid electrolyte which is generally composed of diluted sulfuric acid.

Feature and Benefit
1.1. Grid: Multiple low antimony lead alloy >> low self-discharge, low water loss and reduce maintenance.
1.2. Positive Plate
Tubular construction>>Active material is not easy to shad, Extra long life.
1.3. Negative Plate: Paste construction.
1.4. Separator: Porous PVC separator and micro-porous rubber separator >> Avoid a short circuit occurrence.
1.5. Case: Transparent resin AS material >> The inside battery can be observed, Rational case design and saddle bridge structure in bottom >> Can effectively prevent short-circuit for the shed of active material
1.6. Lid: Flame-resistance ABS
1.7. Seal construction: Glue sealed between case and lid. Mechanical seals and glue seal double structure in post seal >>Ensure no Electrolyte leakage.
1.8. Vent plugs - safety plugs equipped with flame arrestors and anti-acid fog plug. Special vent plugs allowing topping-up without to remove them.
1.9. Connectors - fully insulated, large sectional area copper cable inter-cell connectors reduce voltage drop and measure voltage.
1.10. Capacity range: 200Ah - 3000Ah, C
10 capacity exceed the DIN standard values.

 Main application
  • Telecommunication system
  • Power generation and distribution, Nuclear plant standby power
  • Airport and seaport signaling system
  • Solar and wind energy system
  • Radio and broadcasting station
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Other standby, cycling system