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Questions and Answers for HUIZHONG battery

Q2. which type battery we supply?
A2: Our battery is one kind of Lead Acid Battery, it is storage battery, with the type of AGM, GEL, OPzV/OPzS. 

Q3. where our battery could be used?

A3: Solar power system, wind power system, Telecoms, UPS System, EPS, Emergency Lighting System, Tools, Signal System, Communication etc. They are best at running relatively low amperage loads for long periods of time, not as good at high current demands, like starting an engine. This is such a large battery, it would probably start a smaller engine fine,
but if you are running big inboard engines (especially diesels), you would shorten the life of these batteries.
Q1. The voltage and capacity we sell?
A1: 2V battery with the normal capacity such as : 200ah 250ah 300ah 350ah 400ah 500ah 600ah 800ah 1000ah 1200ah 1500ah 1800ah 2000ah 2500ah 3000ah;
       12V battery we with the normal capacity such as: 7ah (7.2ah), 9ah, 10ah, 12ah, 17ah, 20ah, 24ah, 26ah, 30ah, 33ah, 40ah, 50ah, 55ah, 65ah, 75ah, 100ah, 120ah, 150ah, 180ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah.
       6V battery does not our normal products, but if you need quantity, we can produce for you.